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As a member of Premium Health Connections, you get access to Teladoc, the first and largest telehealth provider in America. Teladoc doctors are U.S. Board Certified in internal medicine, pediatrics, and family medicine. Teladoc's emphasis on quality has resulted in a perfect score from the National Committee for Quality Assuance (NCQA) for two consecutive certifications.

They're doctors just like your primary care physician (PCP) or pediatrician. They incorporate telehealth into their medical practice because they see it as a way to give more affordable, more convenient access to quality care. What doctor wouldn't love that?

"Teladoc resolves patient issues faster with increased savings by redirecting care from ER and office visits."
— Dr. Niteesh Choudhry, Harvard Medical School

State-Licensed and Credentialed

All of the doctors are licensed in their respective states. When you visit via phone or video, you will always speak with a doctor licensed to practice medicine in your state.

U.S. Board Certified

All of the doctors are U.S. Board Certified.


The doctors have an average of 20 years of practice experience.

U.S. Residents

Whether you visit with a doctor via phone or video, you will speak with a doctor who is living and working in the United States.

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